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Production program

  • Mechanization of sorting and processing in logs storage, using automatic logs sorter, barker fitted, shortening station with measuring, measurement of diameters and lengths of processed material with subsequent evaluation.
  • Mechanization, sorting and processing in sawmills, solved as a complete technological unit with intake dosing cascades, nodes for the supply of wood mass to the frame or belt mills, disassembly and sorting nodes of the processed material with subsequent reduction, edging an d ending of the sideboards. Final outputs consists of sideboards sorters for custom sorting of material processed.
  • Mechanization of processing wood waste, which is solved by nodes to wood waste cutting machines or grinders. Transport of sawdust, chipped, agricultural waste and other solid fuel to boiler rooms. Implementation of waste containers in sizes from 20 to 200m3 of stored materials, including discharging ploughs.

  • Industrial technology development

  • Development of technological studies, simulation and modeling of manufacturing processes, manufacturing of drawing documentation, 3D modeling, technical development of wood technology, drawing program AUTO DESK INVENTOR SIMULATION 2011, investment calculation (operation and costs).

  • Machinery for processing and storage of wood waste

  • Shredding machine SDO 700-200 ; intake 700x200mm ; 55-75kW ; 20prm/h
  • Shredding machine SDO 500-150 ; intake 500x150mm ; 45-55kW ; 12prm/h
  • Shredding machine SDO 400-120 ; intake 400x120mm ; 30-45kW ; 6prm/h
  • Shredding machine SDO 300-100 ; intake 300x100mm ; 18,5-22kW ; 2prm/h
  • Crust crusher D 700 ; intake 900x600mm ; 75kW ; 25prm/h
  • Crust crusher D 300 ; intake 120x360mm ; 30kW
  • Sawdust silo (small wood waste) ; underpass cylindrical; discharging ploughs SLP
  • Sawdust silo (small wood waste) ; cylindrical with lower picking milling cutter for sawdust discharging
  • Sawdust silo (small wood waste) ; underpass conical with discharging rotor SLP; pack of leaf springs
  • Sawdust silo (small wood waste) ; cylindrical storage with conical outflow
  • Sawdust silo (small wood waste) ; equalizing tank for mixture of solid fuel with discharging ploughs SLP
  • Discharging ploughs SLP (rotor and sifting unit) ; pack of leaf springs
  • Discharging floors for magazines and boiler rooms
  • Lower picking milling cutter for silo
  • Removing worm bottom for magazine; wood waste transport to boiler rooms
  • Container volume 10m3 - 20m3
  • Belt conveyor for wood waste transport
  • Worm conveyor for wood waste transport
  • Rake conveyor for wood waste transport
  • Vibrating conveyor for wood waste transport
  • Vibratory feeder for wood waste maximum lenght of 6 000mm
  • Vibrating sieve screeen; overhaul; spare parts; service (sorting into two fraction)
  • Rotary screen (wood waste sorting into three fraction)
  • Drum separator for sawdust separation

  • Machinery for processing logs and timber

  • Frame saw GR 450
  • Frame saw G 560
  • Frame saw G 710 ; G 710R ; G 710RP ; G 710RZ
  • Frame saw GKT 60F
  • Separating wedges VN 450 ; VN 560 ; VN 710
  • Separating wedges VN with non driven backin roll for side boards separation
  • Separating wedges RVN II
  • Electric clamping log carriage with rotating slot V 750
  • Electric centering auxiliary carriage EV 750
  • Hydraulic carriage RVD 850
  • Hand and auxiliary carriage RV 750
  • Rip and gang ending saw RP 160 ( up to 10 saw blades )
  • Gang edging hand saw DN 450 (2-4 saw blades) precise adjustment of widhts
  • Edging saw OPHK-3 (2-4 saw blades) precise adjustment of widhts
  • Gang edging hand saw OPKS 450 (2-4 saw blades) precise adjustment of widhts
  • The OPHK automatic sideboard edging technological node
  • Crosscut pneumatic under table saw for side boards PZP 450; PZP 500
  • Crosscut hydraulic saw for balk and slab ZPP 700
  • Trimming saw KP 300, overhaul, spare parts, service
  • Trimming saw KP 3000, overhaul, spare parts, service
  • MULTI-PAK line lumber pile breaker
  • Lifting platform; lifting device; overhaul; spare parts; service
  • Roller conveyor powered and non powered; roller bed
  • Roller conveyor for frame saw
  • Gravity conveyor
  • Roller worm conveyor
  • Chain transverse conveyor; overhaul; spare parts
  • Inputing and measuring conveyor before (in front of) ZP
  • Combined roller conveyor with embedded chain transverse
  • Separating slatted conveyor behind edging saw
  • Separating palatal conveyor behind edging saw
  • Separator for timber sorting
  • Centering conveyor before (in front of) rip saw
  • Band saw roller
  • One and double sided sorters for side boards
  • Timber racks

  • Log storage

  • Chain longitudinal conveyor for logs transport
  • Chain longitudinal conveyor with push-out device
  • Conveyor routing to logs
  • Logs dosing cascade
  • Logs dosing kidney
  • Distribution logs trolley
  • Electric push-out handlers of logs
  • Centering handlers of logs
  • Logs push-out device
  • One and double sided sorters for logs

  • Air-handling systems

  • Ventilation pipes ; extraction to sawdust container
  • Fans ; orbital wheel balancing
  • Cyclonic separators
  • Level indicator
  • Rotary feeder

  • Custom-made macine production

  • Steel structures
  • Mechanical production
  • Stainless material welding
  • Cooperative production

  • Electrical installation

  • Electrical switchboards
  • Control panels
  • Electrical wiring

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